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Dead Weight Brewing Co.

Crow's Nest Hefeweizen *LIMITED STOCK*

Crow's Nest Hefeweizen *LIMITED STOCK*

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Crow's Nest is a German wheat beer, bursting with notes of banana and clove. Full-bodied and hazy, this beer is one to watch out for!  


5.4% ABV


14 IBU

Hops: Magnum, Saaz


Dead Weight Brewing Co. is a nano-brewery, brewing small-batch beer. As such, our recipes are constantly evolving and improving. Because of this, there will be small differences between batches of our beer.

PLEASE NOTE: Sediment is a natural by-product of the brewing process. As we do not filter or pasteurise our beers, there may be some sediment in the finished product. The sediment is perfectly safe to consume, but if you do not want to drink it, please pour your beer carefully, leaving the last 10ml behind. Otherwise, give the can a gentle swirl to incorporate the sediment into your beer!



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